Friday, December 16, 2005

DAY 1 Off to Brunei (diary)

The flight to Brunei was uneventful, but the the seating arrangement realy sucked. It was squeezy and after just 1 hr, my butt started to hurt like nuts man.

When we reached Brunei, we had to unpack alot of stores. But it was still ok.

Then we were brought to this cookhouse. The Bruneian soldiers welcomed us by playing some malay instruments and gave each of us a flower tied tgt with an egg. It felt really gd to be treated like this.

Lunch was a simple affair. Plain rice with chicken and long beans. But the friendliness of the host more than made up for any short-comings mealwise.

Shall stop here. Might write again tonight.


I can't sms my dad! Can only receive sms. Urgh!!

Very tired, feel like sleeping already. Hope I can dream of nice things tonight! Heh.. with my dream gal. Walking along the beach.. Sleep!

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