Friday, December 16, 2005

DAY 4 (day 2 in jungle)

Slept for most of the day at kampong Mariam. Tired you know! But I went to see the Bruneians' survival training area and also the booby trap area.

The booby trap area was pretty much the same as in those movies. Grenades tied to tripwires and pressure actuvated switches.

What really interested me thou, was the survival area where they built their own 'tents' and also traps to catch animals. Their 'tents' were totally made up of branches, leaves, and maybe small tree trunks. Very professional looking. I could never do that. And their animal traps, bagus! Totally ingenious. All their traps were made using stuff from the jungle. No metal, no plastic. Just branches and trunks as the springing mechanism.

Later at night, we had a night walk in the jungle. 2 parts, 1 with lighting, the other with no light at all. With the torches on, it was easy. But when we had to switch off our torches, it went crazy. Everyone had to hold onto the sbo of the person in front. Prob was, the person behind me was pulling me and the person in front of me was going too fast. Stretchin exercise for my arms. =)

I went to sleepp after that. I need to sleep.

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