Saturday, December 17, 2005


2nd R & R day. Went to a market by the river. Then we continued on to a water village whr we had some snacks and tea. This village is only accessible through boats. And the boats were really rocky man. Was scared when I had to board and alight frm it, cos it was shaking lk mad! I dont wanna tk a dip in the filthy water(darkish brown)!

We also visited a museum ( think it's some Royal Brunei Museum costing $1.2billion . The museum was all about the sultan of brunei. It held exhibits given to the sultan by other countries and also celebrated some important moments of his life. It was pretty much 1 sided. As in they only showed the gd things. But the effort and money put into this museum is really very obvious. There was a replica of the throne of the sultan. In this room, all the stuff were made of pure gold! Spent quite some time here. Really impressed.

Then it was shopping all the way. I made some gd buys. Too bad I didn't bring enough money thou. Dinner was at a restaurant. The buffet spread was excellent! After almost bursting my stomach, we went to another shopping mall called The Mall. Bloody unimaginative. Made somemore gd buys. Had to borrow money. Then it was bk to camp.

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