Saturday, December 17, 2005



R & R day. Went for a 5.5km run at a beach. Thought it was gonna be tought at first, with all the sand slowing u down. Luckily we ran close to the shoreline whr the sand was harder.

After the run, we had games and bbq. I had fun flying kites. But my kite ended up in a tree, really sad man. Then I went around the beach on an ATV (all terrain veh) and it was damn fun. Oh, the bbq food was great too!

Then in the afternoon, we went to this Shell Oil & Gas Discovery center (OGDC). It's sth like our sg discovery center, cept it has some exhibits on oil exploratino and stuff.

For dinner, we went to a hotel for buffet. It was good man.. I practically stuffed myself with the butter prawns, sweet n sour fish, rendang chicken, blah blah.. paid for by saf.

Then after dinner, we went to Jerudong Theme park. Not much rides available since it's already about 8pm and many rides were under maintainence. So me and my buds went on the water ride. The one whr u peddle and peddle.. my 2 friends peddled while I steered. Can't be helped. I have a better sense of direction. Afterall, I can drive haha

Hmmm, then we played a shooting game whr the targets spitted out water when shot. Kept making e targets shoot at my friends. Was fun.

Finally we went for the bumper cars. Really fun this fun. Me n 2 other friends kept bumping this pretty chinese girl. haha, until she regconised us and gave me a gd bump in return. Girls. Haven't seen a chinese girl for lk ages already. So we had to feast our eyes!

Bk to camp. Damn tired. Gd night! I'm beginning to lk Brunei already. But I sudd have this urge to meet up with old frens after this trip. Hopefully they will all be free.

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