Friday, December 16, 2005

DAY 3 Trek into jungle (diary)

Today started out with me thinking that the jungle trip was going to be easy. It turned out to be so much worse. The bloody jungle in Brunei has so many hills. We had to climb up countless hills while in our FBO. That means an additional 15kg worth of burden.

There were so many times when we were so bloody close to the clifs cos the path was super narrow. One slip in the muddy sand, god, I won't have the chance to become a father. So many small shoots and trees on the ground.

About 3 hrs into the trek, my legs gave way. Cramps. Bloody hell. I was overconfident and so didn't warm up before the trek. Heh, so my officers helped me carry the fieldpack. Shiok. Felt so light. But I got back my field pack after 1 more upslope. Have to be a soldier. Not a sissy. I'm gratelful to them forhelping me though.

After that, we did 1 knee deep river crossing. Our boots all became soaking wet. And from then on, the trek was even more slippery and muddy. Imagine, heavy boots filled with water. Plus the suction like effect of the mud. Pure agony.

But we trekked on. With quite a few dips and falls.

Finally after about 4 hr, we reached kampong Mariam. By now, our unifroms were all full of mud. I went 'dead' for about 5 mins man. Couldn;t speak, move or even stand. No one could stand anymore!

After that brief rest, all went to a nearby river to wash up. Shiok!!

Today was one of the toughest day in my life. But really very fulfilling. Glad that I didn't give up.

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