Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DAY 10


Finished the static display of our unit's equipment at noon. Then it's the packing of our stores to prepare for the journey home on Fri.

At around 4pm, we had a parade rehearsal for the closing ceremony. At first, I was in the front row. But after I cocked up on 1 bloody command, I was pushed to the 2nd row. Anyway, after the rehearsal ended, I was singled out by the rsm of 39sce (I'm from 36sce) and told that I showed attitude and my drill is worse than guys from ncc. This shows the army way of doing things. You need a scapegoat to wake therest up. I became one I think. I doubted I showed attitude. Afterall, I know myself best. I doubt my drill really was that fuked up, I was in the military band frm sec1 to 4. You see, pple assume. And sometimes they don't give you a chance to explain urself. My toenail is almost detached sir. But you don't know. Not a problem thou. My own officers didn't think much of it. In fact, I think they were a lil pissed off. You can smell rivalry here =)

My S1 then treated us guys frm 36sce to prata and a drink. Really generous of him. It's not cheap when you have to treat all 20 of us.

After finishing the prata, we had to 'show face' at the cookhse for dinner. But I ended up staying there for more than an hour I think. We talked to this Bruneian sargeant. Found out that it's against the law to be outside after midnight in Brunei. Whoa! hahah and he has 7 cars and owns 1 hectare of land. A sargeant. Not even staff sargeant. And if he were to retire 3 yrs later ater 20 yrs of service, he would get $800 mthly for e rest of his life and a lump sum of $100k. That's alot for a Bruneian!

I talked until I forgot I was holding the bunk keys. I forgot I'm bunk ic today. Shit. The rest of the guys managed to climb thru a small window to open the bunk cos they couldn't find me. They almost wanted to screw me when I went bk to my bunk.

Luckily, they knew I had a shitty day. So I'm still writing.. 2 more days. And tml's sera's bday. Will msg her.

Gd night.

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