Friday, December 16, 2005

DAY 2 (diary)


Just had prata at the canteen. Wow, it sure tasted gd! Better than the prata at jalan kayu, I think. Then I went to the cookhse to 'show face'. Cos actually the army meals really cmi. 1 plate of rice, 2 side dishes. The prata seemed a much better choice.

This morning, we went around to view some equipments. Nothing much that we don't have over in sg. So we weren't really interested nor impressed. But being soldiers, we paid attention and made them seemed to think that their equipments were really unique! Haha!

After the viewing of equipments, we had to rehearse for the opening ceremony of this exercise Bintis Bersama. The Bruneian soldor gave the parade orders. At first, we didn't understand those orders at all. So we did nothing. Haha, it was only after they showed us, then we knew.
Frm there, everything went smoothly.


Tomorrow is the start of the jungle camp. Really hope everything goes well. I honestly don't want to drink water from the streams. So I'm gonna have to ration my water usage.

Good Night! Tml is gonna be the start of many surprises. =)

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