Sunday, November 13, 2005


What's wrong with them? Any damn problems you have with my attitude, just tell it straight to my face. I'm not obliged to behave in a way they deem fit. I'm myself. I voice out my displeasure. If you don't like it then just back off. What's wrong with not accepting some tasks and jobs? WHAT'S WRONG? I'm actually being fair here. Being fair to myself is also being fair. There is no reason why I should do something when others are already qualified enough to do it. What is fairness if they keep expecting me to burn weekends cos I started out late? Pls.. there're others who started out later than me, yet even if they get weekend stuff, they still go back earlier. Is this fair?

Talking behind my back. Now that usually won't affect me, but I thought they were my friends. This totally suck. But it's ok. We're friends no more now. Just colleagues.

Plus, I know you tried to tekang me. In the end, it backfired. I didn't try to avoid the sweep. It just happens that you didn't have the brains to sabo me. Too bad..

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