Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Preparations for the trip to brunei

Pre flight briefing:

"bee hives are fairly common in the jungle, so do not disturb them"

"while crossing the river, make sure u hold onto something, in case e current drags u away"

"be careful of snakes, tread carefully" shit!

"when walking near rivers, be wary of crocodiles" double shit!

"might drink from river streams. try to black tape ur water bottles. u wont fear what u can't see" wth.. as if I'll drink water with foreign objects in it.

"the bruneians ( is that how u spell? ) hahaha seems so wrong. Lazy to check the dict. ... might challenge u.. climb mountain.." I'm dead..

Heck! Whatever comes, comes. Shall see it there.

On my way home today, I met Yao Ming and Amanda! Haha ym still looks the same. Yandao kia. Heh and manda seems pretty fine. I met them separately. First was ym, then we spoke for awhile. Just some small talk, but yea it felt nice to meet an old fren. Then I met manda in 969! but too bad, we were separated by the crowd. In the end, we msged each other during the trip.. pretty fun. So near, yet so far!

Meeting ur old friends can be quite nice. Dunno how to describe. But it's, nice. =)


AdR|3LL3 said...

lol...i tot the briefings so funny. and yao ming as in the ex BM of AMB???

gary said...

yup haha i'm naturally humorous. and yes it's really our ex-bm. haha he really looks the same lor. in fact he still look lk when he was in sec4!

AdR|3LL3 said...

:O is that good or bad? i rmbed him being quite "pale" looking...so he's looking liddat even after NS???