Friday, November 04, 2005

My life.

Lost my girlfriend. Check.

Got over it. Check.

I thought things were gonna get better.


Last month. October 2005. 5 weekends.

I burnt 4 on army duties.

This month. November 2005. 4 weekends.

Comfirmed burnt. At least 3 weekends.

PLUS, A WHOLE BLOODY WEEK OF EXERCISE. ( Waking up at fuked up hours, doing shity stuff )

Next month. December 2005.

Going to Brunei. Not a holiday.

It doesn't end!


Fuck you.

Very much.

See? This is why army guys lose their gf. Fuck. You want me to go citylink to fetch you after ur work, I'm fine. You want me to walk to ur working place frm there. I'm fine too. But when I say I'm tired, and I still make a trip to citylink, I just want you to walk over to the station, you feel sth is wrong. Wth.

When I ask to stay at home on weekends. You feel bored. But we went out alot too. See how many fucking weekends I spend in camp? Is it any wonder I love my home so much?

You said we quarrelled alot. Did we? I always tried to give in to you. Didn't I? Did I ever shout at you? I think your definition of a 'quarrel' is 'when *** **** feels sad'.

Fuck it. No one understands.

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