Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lucky me.

I think I'm lucky. Really.

Was walking to the bus stop last night. Had to book in to camp cos of the sweep this morning. Imagine my mood, booking in on a saturday night. So it was already bad enough for me to be going back to camp alone.. then of all things I had to see them. It's lk really shitty. What do you do to this person?

Ignore? I couldn't. Haven't seen her since ages..
Smile? Are you nuts? It's so bloody difficult. Anyway if I smiled, it would be so fake.

So I bit my lips and just sort of gave her a half wave and then get tha freaking hell out of there.. feeling shittier with each step I take. Cmon, I was practically trying to fly out there..

The look I saw on her face. It seems lk she's trying to see whether I'm gonna break down or cry just there. She looked worried. Worried about what? I dunno man...

God, I'm really getting shit these days.

Sera! See ya soon! I want go drink man...

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