Sunday, November 27, 2005

Getting a new mp3 player

Am going to get a new mp3 player. A 512mb flash based version. This's for the brunei trip.. shit, really hope I can get back from there in gd shape. I really want to enjoy my trip to genting! Don't wanna come back with foot rot, scratches, cuts, and worse, some disease.. But 3d2n navigating in the jungle.. how to avoid all these??

We even have to get sand flies net. Imagine this, at night while sleeping, we have to cover our heads with this net.. It's lk putting a total hood over my head, it covers just the head alone. Looks lk shit. But I'll take photos. cos camera phones are allowed.

Hmmm, I wanna watch Saw2 too.. It's really thought provoking u know. How far would you go to keep ur life? Would u betray your friends? Would you lose an eye, a limb? Just to stay alive..

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