Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Exam Stress! hahaz

Was chatting to sera yesterday. Told me that she's worried about her As. And I seriously cant do anything about it.. haha how do u tell someone not to worry about it? It's impossible not to worry about exams. Even gd students get worried too. What makes it more worrying in sera's case is that she lacks confidence. Same as my brother!

I remembered how I used to have ill-founded confidence. I did not study hard, but then I still had the confidence that I could make it through. I wasn't all that prepared, the thing that gave me confidence at that time was cos I kept studying, kept trying to squeeze all the shit into my head. This is not studying hard. This is cramming. Mugging. AND I knew I probably couldn't study any harder during the last few months before the As. So I did my best to mug. It gave me confidence.

A few weeks passed....

Went into the exam hall, saw all these people, some worried, some relaxed, most were joking. Me? I could still breathe. I just wanted this thing to end. Especially the econs papers. A few hours later, I'm back home mugging for the next day's papers. Doesn't really sound scary.. so I have no idea why some people freak out at exams. My mugging did help me deal with the qns. And I guess I truly gave it my all.. considering how late I started preparing..

So my pt is, just go study now. People like sera, pearl, yibin and my brother. Mug!

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