Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shallow talk.

Shit, I'm turning into a tan-o-phile. All bloody Joe's fault. Keep jio-ing me to go swim.

What's up with tanning? It's like the in thing now. I go to the pool, and I see all these girls trying to look pretty in their bikinis. They don't swim. The most they do is just go under the surface and blow bubbles.

Joe, you keep staring at those girls like they're miss universe material. Cmon, put ur glasses on, and you'll know why I prefer to just close my eyes when I'm at the jacuzzi. Heh, yes, I wear contacts while swimming. Saves me so much trouble. Cos my goggles don't have to be degree-ed! hahah... but seriously my contacts' main task, is to help me look at the sights around the pool when I feel lk it. =)))

P.s. Pearl, your blog is so damn refreshing! Haha I like the way u said 'but huala, after class, the tcher disappeared' huala?? hahaha

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